Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Camp To Belong Colorado held?
We are very fortunate to be hosted by the YMCA Camp Santa Maria in Grant, Colorado. http://ymcacampsantamaria.org/
Is there a cost to attend Camp To Belong Colorado?
Yes. The actual cost for a camper to attend camp is approximately $1000. However, the camper cost is $500. The remaining cost of attendance is made up by fundraising efforts that take place year round. For camper monies, Colorado DHS has various funding streams that can assist in paying this fee for youth who are in state custody. Because Colorado administers foster care  through a county based system, not all 64 counties may have all funding options available. Potential sources for camper fees within the DHS system include: Title IV-E and IV-E waiver funds, respite care funding and other flexible funding specific to the youth's county. If campers are not in state custody (adopted or with birth parents), the fee is the responsibility of the parents, know that post-adoptive funds may be available for youth who were adopted from foster care. Other agencies that youth are involved with may also be able to provide assistance for camper fees. Ask your CASA's And GAL's, too! Full and partial scholarships are available for youth through camp To Belong Colorado directly. Just ask!  
What are the camp dates for this year?
Counselor training: Saturday 5/30/15 1 PM – Monday 6/1/15 AM
Campers arrive Monday 6/1/1 3 PM – Depart Saturday 6/6/15 10 AM
Counselors depart Saturday 6/6/15 2 PM
When do you begin accepting camper referrals for Summer Camp?
We are no longer accepting referrals through our secure, on-line registration now for our 2015 June summer camp program. Please contact Stacey Sanders at StaceyS@CTBColorado.org if you have a sibling group to refer. They will be added to a waitlist for sibling reunion events throughout the year, as well as summer camp 2016.
How do I refer a group of siblings to attend camp?
Siblings must be separated by foster care, adoption or other out-of-home placement to be eligible for CTB Colorado. If you are interested in sending a youth to CTB Colorado, you would need to contact the youth's child welfare caseworker(s). We also recommend that the caseworker and care provider work together to complete the forms with as much information as possible, so that the staff of CTB Colorado can provide each camper and his/her siblings with the best experience possible. Please contact our camper referral coordinatorStacey Sanders, for more details. StaceyS@CTBColorado.org


Do brothers and sisters spend the days together?
Yes. Sibling groups are assigned to what we call Family Groups. Family Groups are made up of 8-10 campers and 4-6 counselors. Each family group is comprised of 2-4 sibling groups (i.e. brother/sister, brother/sister/sister, sister/sister/sister, brother/brother etc.) depending on the numbers of siblings. We typically have six family groups. Each family group rotates through activities and meals together. There are also all-camp activities when campers can meet new friends as well. Because Camp to Belong focuses on the sibling connection, we encourage all campers to take advantage of the time available to spend with siblings. However, campers have also found comfort in meeting other campers who have similar life experiences as their own. We have found that the wisdom and experience of some campers has helped other campers to deal with certain issues they are facing. Sometimes just hearing other campers share their stories is extremely beneficial.
Who can refer to Camp To Belong Colorado?
We accept referrals from all sources: social workers, foster parents, adoptive parents, biological parents, GALs, CASAs, other advocates and other caregivers. Once we receive a referral, we will make all the necessary contacts to ensure the sibling group can participate in our program
Can youths with special needs attend?

It depends on the needs of the camper. Please contact our camper referral coordinatorStacey Sanders, for more details. StaceyS@CTBColorado.org

Who is the staff at CTB?
The staff of CTB is made up of volunteer counselors from around the state and the U.S. and beyond. Each counselor goes through an application, interview, screening process/background checks. While some of our past counselors have been social workers, we also have counselors who work as nurses, doctors, teachers, computer programmers, postal workers, CASA's, etc. Our goal is to attract a diverse group of people who are kind, caring, responsible, committed to children/youth, understand the importance of the sibling connection, willing to jump in the trenches and like to have fun.
Do I have to have experience as a camp counselor? Do I need to be a social worker to be a camp counselor?

No. We look for folks who are caring, nurturing, energetic, positive, open-minded, and enjoy being part of a team. The most important qualification is that our staff enjoys working with children and youth of all ages. We also want our campers to have exposure to folks who work in various fields. 

If I become a counselor, do I have to be at camp the entire week?
Yes. Those who are accepted as counselors (after the application, interview and screening process) are required to commit to the entire week plus the 2 days of training. (See dates above)
What types of camper behaviors would be of concern to Camp To Belong Colorado?

To ensure the fun and safety of all siblings participating in our programs, siblings who are currently exhibiting the following behaviors would not be able to participate in our programming: fire setting, sexually acting out, drug/alcohol use, running from caregivers, violent/suicidal behavior, siblings who are not ready to continue to build upon their relationship with each other, siblings who need one-on-one supervision, siblings who cannot manage in a sibling to counselor ratio of 2:1.

What if the sibling group I’d like to refer hasn’t seen each other on a regular basis?
We expect the siblings in our program already have an existing relationship that they would like to build upon. Our goal is to help them create lifelong childhood memories with their siblings! For this reason, we expect siblings referred to already have an existing relationship regardless of the frequency of their interactions.
What geographical area do you cover?
We are a statewide program. Camp To Belong Colorado is open to sibling groups from all over the state. Siblings who live in other states will be considered, as well. 


What are the activities at camp?
Hiking, Paddleboats, ​Swimming, Drama, Outdoor Survivial Skills, Sibling Specific Arts & Crafts, Archery & Slingshots, Campfires and SPECIAL EVENTS!!!
What is the age range to participate in Camp To Belong Colorado programming?
We work with youth between the ages of 8 and 18+ years. Exceptions can apply, just ask.